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Terms and Conditions


In no circumstances can the tenant stay in The Property after the expiration of the rental period, without the express permission of the owner. No modifications can be made to this contract without the express agreement of both parties.


The reservation is confirmed on signature of the current contract and full payment of the reservation.


The tenant has the right to occupy the house in a peaceful and orderly way.

The tenant shall try to avoid noise between 10 pm and 7 am.

On departure, the tenant agrees to leave all fixtures, fittings and furniture in the same place in which the tenant found them on arrival.

The tenant agrees to ensure that all sanitary fittings (WC, sinks, bathroom fixtures etc.) are clean and in perfect working order. He/she also agrees to take due care of all electrical appliances and heaters. Any repairs to fittings resulting from negligence on the part of the tenant will be paid for by the tenant.

In no case can the tenant sub-let The Property, even for free. Doing so will render the rental contract null and void. The Property is rented exclusively for holiday purposes and must not be used for the exercise of any professional activity. The owner will ensure that The Property is made available in a condition that corresponds to the description made on the reservation website. The tenant should leave The Property at the time agreed in the contract or at a time agreed with the owner.


The tenant agrees to free The Property empty of any trash.

Garbage collectors with sorting of waste (household garbage, glasses, carboard, paper) are available at the parking lot of Porte des Campani.


The tenant agrees to be fully responsible for any breakage, damage or loss caused by the tenant during he stay.


The presence of animals in the house is forbidden. Any tenant not respecting this rule will be liable to a penalty of 500 EUR.


The Property is non-smoking with exception to possible outside spaces. If the tenant does not respect this condition, he/she will have to pay a penalty of 1000 €


The number of tenants cannot exceed the maximum number set out in the reservation website. However, in exceptional circumstances and with the express agreement of the owner, it is possible to waive this rule. In such cases, the owner can ask for a higher than usual rate, which would be noted in the rental contract.


Cancellation policy is described on the reservation website.

If the tenant does not arrive on the agreed day and subsequently does not contact the owner within 24 hours, the contract is considered null and void. In such cases the owner will keep any payment. The owner will also be free to rent The Property to other tenants.

In cases where the owner cancels a rental agreement (outside of 'acts of god' that render The Property uninhabitable), he will repay the tenant of any deposits paid.


Tenants who leave The Property before the end of the agreed rental period will nevertheless pay the cost of the full period unless the owner is deemed responsible for the early departure. In such cases, an inventory will be carried out in the normal way and all or part of the damage deposit will be returned as normal.


The tenant is obliged to insure The Property for the duration of his/her stay. He/she must check whether his/her main home insurance policy covers holiday rentals. If it does not he/she must take whatever measures necessary to ensure that The Property is correctly insured during his/her stay.

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